Pony Clubs

We have a variety of clubs that meet regularly for guests of different experience levels.


After School Pony Club

Ages: 5-15 years
Meets twice monthly at 5:30 pm- 7:00pm 
Monday or Thursday

After School Pony Club is an hour-and-a-half club that meets during the school year for kids who love horses! Each semester, we set goals for riding skills and ground skills such as horse care, horsemanship skills, grooming, obstacle courses, ground jumping, ground barrel patterns, combined cart driving, and showmanship skills. At the end of the semester, riders will be evaluated by their instructors and receive a medal and ribbon for accomplishing their semester goals!
This club is $45 per session.


pre-school pony club 


Pre- School Pony Club

Ages: 2.5-5 years
Once's  monthly on Tuesday  10:30 am - 11:30am

This pre-school pony camp class will allow you and your child have an up and close experience while learning to be safe and having fun, experiencing our loving ponies at Paloma Trails. 

Our pre-school program has a number of fun actives from grooming with bit fun by dressing  ponies  or chalking them, walking them thru many different obstacle courses, creating scrap book of all things we are learning at camp Carriage rides, barn chores ,riding lesson when teach thru play, such as: correct riding position, balance essentials, correct words how to make the pony stop, go turn right, turn left and trot 

Participants under age 6 must always have a guardian present during the camp.

This club is $41 per session.


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