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Written about our horses by Ms. Paige Clough!

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Ten Little Unicorns

By Paige Clough

Each with their own personality and own story to tell, these Ten Little Unicorns are a real herd of ten American Miniature Horses living in Katy, TX where they teach leadership, confidence building, and compassion to children of all ages an abilities.

At no more than 34 inches tall, American Miniature Horses are highly intelligent and packed with personality.

Once a year, in ft. Worth, Texas, “Minis”, including this herd, travel from far and wide come to compete at the American Miniature Horse Association World Championship Show, where they show off their talents in carriage driving, halter obstacles, costumes and more!

In this book, watch this group of costume-wearing miniatures come together over time to form their unique and compelling herd.

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Nosey Rosey

By Paige Clough

Join Rosey the miniature horse and her trainer, Paige, as they prepare for the AMHA World Show! Rosey needs to show the judges she's the best mini in the world. But she's not going to win if she doesn't get to work!
"Certain to be an enduringly popular addition...'Nosey Rosey' is thoroughly kid friendly and an informative introduction to a thoroughly charming miniature horse." -Midwest Book Review

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The Jumping Orie Story

By Paige Clough

Meet Oreo, a celebrated miniature horse who will melt your heart with his talent and charm! The Jumping Orie Story shares Paige and her daughter Bridget's love for Orie and introduces readers to these unique and wonderful little horses who are not only darling, but can also inspire self-reflection and healing.

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Book Readings

Ms. Paige along with her mini horses would love to visit your school or business to read Paige's books, "The Jumping Orie Story" and "Nosey Rosey"! This event is free of charge, provided that we will be about to promote our stories! For more details about this and similar events please contact us directly.

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