All year Riding camps & Summer Splash Riding camp 


Ten Little Unicorn Riding Splash Summer Camp

This magical unicorn riding camp is for children who believe in unicorns! We have several fun activities, including grooming our ponies and transforming them into one of little unicorns. We also learn how to walk and trot the unicorns, go through a fun obstacle course, play games, do unicorn crafts, go on carriage rides, and have a 30-minute riding lesson. On Wednesday, we have pony splash on Friday is Story time with one Ten Little Unicorn. All children will receive a copy of Ten Little Unicorn book who been with all week at Participants under age 5 must always have a guardian present during the camp.



Pony Play Splash Camp for Very Young Kids

Pony splash is a one-hour camp for younger kids to have fun with ponies and be safe! We do a number of activities in small groups such as pony rides, walking ponies through an obstacle course, grooming the ponies, playing dress-up with the ponies, and horse care. At the end of the hour, we have splash time!

Due to the age of participants, children must have a guardian or parent present at all times during the camp.


All Year round Two Hours Horse- Riding camp 

Children Age 4-16yr $55 per child 

4th July 8:30am - 10:30am Age 4yr - 16yr - $55 

Tuesday July 5th 9:30am - 11:30am

Age 4yr - 16yr - $55  

  Two Horse-Riding camp for kids age

4yr –16yr  for kids who love horses! We teach a thirty-minute riding lesson and ground skills such as horse care, horsemanship skills, grooming, obstacle courses, and more. We finish off camp with a carriage 


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